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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  July 4, 2009 12:15am-1:00am EDT

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 . >> gary: hernandez has never had a full game at the minor league level. jones puts it away. 1 for 3 in the ball game now for the catcher. one down in the bottom of the 7th inning. >> jim: and the pitch count at 9, so you know if he pitches well, he at least has another inning or so, or at least this inning. >> gary: this will be it for him? >> jim: you would think so. >> gary: yeah, can't imagine they would go any deep every. jim johnson is now in the bullpen right now.
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>> gary: brian roberts gets the out, and two quick outs here in the 7th inning for david hernandez. >> jim: if you think about it and go back through the first and 2/3 innings, you have the hanging curveball to rivera, and then got the fastball up to morales. other than that, just spectacular night. this is exactly what the orioles needed, a quality start, and a early offensive outbreak. ask there is matt palmer. >> gary: and that will miss up high for a ball. top of the order, figgins, again 0 for 3 in this ball game, and a 3 for 7 in the series. figgins against the orioles, big numbers. a .324 career batting average. couple of home runs against o's
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pitching over the years. 1-1 count. >> jim: what he's been able to to is get' head 0 to most of the -- to get' head of most of the angels hitters. >> gary: figgins will take it, and he gets the walk. >> jim: but see, i go to the bullpen right now. if you have jimmie johnson, who when he is as good as he can, ready to pitch, why with abreu, just a better match-up, and i would imagine trembley is going
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to confirm out and get him, because he has just pitched a marva islous game. you have a guy who when he is on, why spoil a tremendous outing? >> gary: and is going to. david hernandez, a tremendous job. 6 hits off him, a couple of walks, strikeouts. he'll be responsible for the runner on. the hernandez family on hand to watch him pitch, and he did one heck of a job. √∑xpp@@ (announcer) you do have health insurance don't you? if you don't, now you're in luck. carefirst bluecross blueshield can cover you for as little as $75 a month. depending on the plan you choose. just call us at the number on your screen for the plan that's right for you.
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 ? we'll see now in jim john soon can protect that 6-3 lead. as jim mentioned, his outing against boston, not a good one. that was on the game on the 1st at camden yards. >> jim: yeah, a 5-1 lead, came in to pitch the 8th, excuse me, 9th inning wait 5-1 lead, and then sherrill would give up a two-run single. the two of them had only given
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up two runs in the previous 40 innings. so that's how good they've been. that's what they really want tonight. they want them to get out of this inning, pitch the 8th inning, and then give the ball to george sherrill. and you've got a tough guy here, which you talked about earlier, 31 rbi figgins the past 30 games snoop runner at first base, figgins, and abreu who takes more pitches than anyone in the game is up. >> jim: you're fear here if you're jim johnson is you know you have a guy, 683 at bats, only swung at 130 first pitches. he's going to make you throw strikes, and you have to do it with your fastball. he said i'm never going to swing at a first pitch curveball. so now all of a sudden the count is coming back. and three runs down, you'll see how he plays this snoop and you have the middle of the order coming up behind him. 2-0 delivery, and on the inside corner for a strike.
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count will go to 2-1. abreu is drawn this season 45 walks, striking out 48 times for bobby abreu. >> jim: and none of the angels have ever gotten a hit off jim johnson. not a lot of at bats. just haven't seen him that much. >> gary: there goes figgins. swung on and miss, throw down, and got him! oh, what big play that is! wow! the third out comes with figgins running, and abreu at the plate, and the tag, the throw was right into the runner by wieters to get the out! 
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 . >> jim: that was a rocket. few that really was. that's one ofty cases where the adegreesiveness of this angels
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team cost them, because you left bobby abreu standing at at the plate. >> jim: well, that's the way they play the game. you have a guy, high percentage, 24 out of 31 attempts in figgins. >> gary: matt palmer has come out on to the mound here to do the pitching. we talked about how aggressive this time is, they had run themselves out of ball games in texas for a good deal of the the series down there, and they have had 75 runners out on the base paths. so they are out on top, and you see the numbers, number one. into and right behind them within tampa bay, with the most steals, and right behind them. there is matt palmer. this will be his 14th appearance. 11 starts, and lately he's struggled, so that's why he is coming out of the rotation. >> gary: so palmer, working here in relief, jones will take
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it outside for a ball. he has been h a itch, scored, single scored, lined out, and drew another walk the ball game. palmer on for the 14th time. 11 of those have been as a starter. opponents hitting .261 off him, a 7-1 record. ground ball down to third base. figgins has to wait, bare hands it, got him! oh, my. >> jim do you  a better throwing arm from a third baseman? i can't see anybody in the american league that throws this, maybe belltry who just had shoulderld gloverbut he'll catch this ball with his gloe an at e last minute, bounces to his right, our left as we look at it, and he just grabbed it, heaves it over there, some low heat. >> gary: he is really playing 8th d out of it down there at g. ori have the 6-3 lead,
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outhitting the angels 10-6. nick markakis part of the offensive thirst in this game. luke scott, two double, huff three rbi homer. markakis will take the pitch, and the counter goes doemean he going to stay there. palmer knows if he pitches well, and maybe santana struggles, or somebody else does, he has a real shot at being right back in the rotation. important thing for him right now is that he's here and pitching at the major league level. >> jim: the important thing for the angels, he's six games over .500. i'm sure they probably score a lot of ns for him, but he's beating the guys he's faced. that's part of the game. gives up the walk right there to nick markakis. so palmer surrenders a walk with one away. time to text in your vote for
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the at&t player of the game. day of the hernandez, who ould be the winning pitcher, very good start, huff, and markakis, who as we see has been a major part the offense here. text in your vote at a, b, or c. one down. aubrey huff, little jackknife away. the 11th homer, their inning. good for 3, as jones and markakis had reached in front of him with a single and a double. 1-0 count. markakis off first base. shattered bat. look out. barrel goes flying over the head of morales at first. >> jim: a little cutter, all over the first of aubrey huff. so he fights it off, and the bat splinters.
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>> gary: 1-1 count. markakis being held at first. took something off that breaking ball, and gets the big cut, and the count will go to 1- 2. >> jim: see how heard he -- this is kind of the same swing, except the curveball is better located than a hit off santana, hitting a breaking ball for the three-run home run, his second team up. >> gary: markakis back to the bag in a hurry, as palmer gunned that one over there. aubrey has had many multi-hit games coming into this one. he's added one here tonight. aubrey has a four-hit ball game, a couple of three-hit
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games, and now 16 two-hit ball games. he steps out. count remains at 1-2. palmer taking a lot of time looking over at first base on nick markakis. i mean, he's obviously anything here, big runs late, 8th inning. aubrey huff ground ball towards second base. izturis, nice flip, replay. no runs, no hit, knob no errors, and nobody left on base. we go to the bottom half of the 8th inning now everyone has t fastest upload speeds. and we're giving them a mini netbook. well, i'm sticking with cab. so's ted. (voice) no i'm not! he's just goofing. (voice) no i'm not! (sighing) ted has betrayed me. okay. (announcer) unlike cable, fios brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home and when you switch now, you can get a free compaq mini netbook. just pay shipping, handling and taxes. with fios, you'll get razor-sharp tv, blazing fast internet and crystal-clear phone service all for just...
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 . >> gary: here is 24th 8-0 delivery. fastball -- here is the 1-0 delivery. fastball by johnson is going to miss. the count goes to 2-0. >> gary: 3-0 delivery on the way. fastball, and he walked him. so as he did 7th inning, ended up with a runner on he had to work through with a walk,,000 it's his walk that puts abreu on.
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>> jim: and i would imagine they would guilt matt albers up,, he's been pitching so well. jim johnson, 6'5". when you're that big, and even though his stuff is pretty good. he's primarily a sinker ball pepper, and hen he loses his relief point, which is what it seemed to me, he walked pedroia the other day, and then you da list hit a real good fastball over the center field in fence, you lose your feel. >> gary: strike taken on the outside corner. this is going to be a tough inning here. there is danny baez. >> jim: right after a, b, baez. >> gary: 0-1 count, throwover, abreu back. so the angels again getting temptingly close to that tying run at the plate. >> jim: le, there were four walks when the orioles blew the 5-1 lead on wednesday in that
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9th inning, three by george sherrill and then one by jim johnson, and a three-run lead, you try to command it, and you know he was trying to, just bad combination. very selective hitter, and you lose your release point, and that's why abreu is down at first. >> gary: and you're going through the heart of this order now. huntary long look down to third base. he's got that big hole between first and second, if he goes that way. bobby abreu not going anywhere, and the pitch will be taken inside. >> jim: and for the orioles, they don't have to play the line. but if you get another runner on, melvin is going to move to protect from the double. to keep the potential tying run from getting to second base, and that opens on lot of holes.
12:36 am
>> gary: three throws 0 every to first base. >> jim: now, abreu steals a lot of bases, but i can imagine he's going to be running in this situation. not a big lead. wieters is showing the angels he can throw. >> gary: trying to keep that double-play the order. there's the tapper. play is going to have to be at first. oh, what play at second base! >> jim: and abreu doesn't slide! >> gary: he was falling down, was not going to have a chance to go to first, so is jim johnson just let it rip to second base, and they get abreu. >> jim: who stands up. this is going to be about as food a play as you can make. he stumbles, and look at this throw, and he doesn't slide. unbelievable, 35-year-old guy, another bad base running play. terrific play by jimmie johnson. >> gary: look at this mile and on his face. boy, that's a big, big play to get an out, keep the potential tying run from getting to the
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plate here. and you saw brian roberts point to first base. that will be fouled off by guerrero as the took the throw, and abreu may have looked at that and figured, well, throw is going the other way way, because he wasn't looking at the ball, and just kind of meandered into second, and was out. if he slides, he's in by a country mile. >> jim: oh, yeah. >> gary: guerrero with a single, 1 for 38, and has scored a 3, and has scored a run in the ball game. down to second base goes hunter. >> jim: yeah, important for the angels, because you stay out of the possibility of a double-play. big curveball, and well out in front of the plate. good angle here. that ball and just about even with the front edge of the
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plate, and right over matt wieters' shoulder. >> gary: so guerrero now has a runner at second base. 6-3 orioles leading. and guerrero went after a bad pitch in the dirt. another bouncer. 1-2. >> jim: well, jimmy johnson when he gets it over, and this is going to be a curveball, and guerrero, who is a .318 lifetime hitter, getting fooled on it. about as good a curveball as there is around. >> gary: that one will be fouled off at the plate, and it will stay at 1-2. a ball game that -- another bun of those games that looked like the orioles in this case were going to have a chance to just kind of march on through, isn't that way at all. they had a 6-1 lead, but that home run in the 6th inning by morales, good for two rbiss, making it 6-3, has just changed
12:39 am
everything about how this game is being played. 1-2 count, johnson's delivery. another one that will get away. and over to third base goes hunter. >> jim: and then the fact that the angels bullpen has shut down the orioles for four consecutive innings. >> gary: two wild pitches in this at bat. >> jim: yeah, this is a change- up. and again, he bounces it even with the front edge of the plate. so it's down, but its just down top, and you see wieters trying to slide and get over there, but the ball hops up, right buy him. >> gary: did not have a wild pitch prior to this inning. and another one, and that stays in front, as wieters is able to block it, and the count will go to 3-2. >> jim: yeah, this looks like what you do in spring training when you have one of your catching instructors,, throw it out in front of the catchers, and that's three in a row. >> jim: well, the bullpen is ready, and johnson just
12:40 am
struggling here against guerrero. 3-2 count, one down. hunter on at third base. and that one will be fouled off. guerrero keeps the at bat alive. count is full at 3-2. >> jim: if you make contact, about the only way that you're not going to score, short pop- up, or to the out field, or just get one up, or maybe strikeout. >> gary: he has struck out 23 times, only six walks for "vlady", who is approaching 160 at bats now. 3-2 delivery to him, ground ball to short, abreu will guest it over to first base, get the out. it will be an rbi by guerrero, as hunt hire score, set up by those wild pitches, but there are now two down in the inning. two away, bases empty, 6-4 ball game. >> jim: so what that does, you know, gary, you get a guy on,
12:41 am
tying run comes to the plate. and when you trail 6-1, and you're at home, and the crowds around 40, this is exactly what you want as you get into the late innings. >> gary: so rivera will stand in. juan rivera has doubled and scored. he is one for three in the ball game. two leading rbi men for the month of june, and into july. abreu and guerrero for the angels. ground ball rbi out. two down. another bouncer out front, and it goes to 2-1, and rick is on the right, you know dave trembley is asking him what's going on out there? >> jim: well, again, he hasn't had command of his sinker. that's his best pitch, and he has a curveball, very rarely
12:42 am
throws it over. >> gary: two 2-1 delivery. down low. uh-oh. a 3-1 count on rivera. >> jim: and you really don't have a lefty other than your closer to come in and face morales who is on deck, because again, all of his 14 home runs be hits left-handed. >> gary: that's going to be in the air and it's going to be a base hit. off the end of the bat into left center field, ask the angels here in the 8th inning will bring the potential tying run to the plate with two down in the person of morales. a very frustrating inning for jim johnson and the orioles. here is morales, who in the 6th inning did this. >> jim: yeah, fast ball, runner on, 6-1 goes to 6-3. that was his 14th home run, all
12:43 am
from his side of the plate. >> gary: he will face johnson for the first time. and takes the fastball for a strike. 7 hits now for the angels, 10 for the orioles, and a two-run ball game. gentleman r. >> jim: and to tell you how difficult it is to win when you're trailing late in the ball game, 3-24 trailing after 7, and then trailing after 8, 1- 27. >> gary: most ball clubs in a major league season will win if they are leadings the league in wins when they trail lateny the game will have 3 to 6 wins. rarely if ever are their more than that, and rarely are their more sir underred. you just don't win games in the 8th and 9th inning. >> jim: they have 21 come from behind wins, but usually happens at an earlier juncture in the game. >> gary: 0-2 delivery. towering fly ball to center field. jones is there with room, and he's got it.
12:44 am
a long fly ball out by morales. one run in on one hit with a base runner left on. it's a 6-4 o's lead. and one place ly: golden, colorado. it's followed one tradition: use the best high-country barley... and only rocky mountain water. and it's been brewed under one motto: never compromise. now maybe this means we're a little set in our ways. but we know a few guys who will drink to that. coors. the banquet beer.
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 no matt palm are, as a starte you have a guy who hat give you some innings out of the bullpen. >> jim: he certainly can. got he him from the giants, at fresno last year. pretty low era. but in the a lot of run
12:47 am
support. 25 starts. led the international league in strikeouts. so a 30-year-old residenter who now lives in queen creek, arizona. >> gary: and gets the strike to start luke scott out. scott's delivery ad bases loaded double. that was in the first inning. good for two rbis, and those two runs were unearned, and those loom, obviously, asty difference in the ball game right now. since then, he has struck out and flied to center field twice. 1-1 count from palmer. and that's going to miss away. homering in consecutive games, he has homered in four straight games. he did that may 27th through the 30th. he had six home runs in those four ball games. >> jim: let's see if he gets another fastball to drive here, 2-1 count. and matt palmer gou
12:48 am
12:49 am
 two down if the 9th inning. ervin santana made the start, went five innings.
12:50 am
still the pepper of record. nothing in an inning, couple of walks, strikeouts, thompson an inning, couple of hits, and now matt palmer working his second inning in relief. and the 1-0 breaking ball to mora misses. double, single, two for four for mora. >> jim: have the feeling right here, maybe 165 at bats. you know he's looking for a ball inside middle going to try to hammer it. >> gary: takes it the other way town the line, and it is foul. >> jim: i guess it's probably a good thing. i think a lot of times if you're thinking about the fact, oh, yeah, i haven't hit a home run in 43, now going on 44 games, your usual approach is to open up, but he tries to drive it to center.
12:51 am
>> gary: matt palmer, 2-2 count with two down. the bottom s@z 
12:52 am
12:53 am
 . >> gary: there is your sto going to the bottom of the 9th inning. orioles looking to even up the series here in game 2. and george $14 coming out of the bullpen. the orioles closer who is 17 out of 20.
12:54 am
>> jim: now it's all up to george sherrill, and the angels are, i would imagine, maybe we'll see some pinch hitters, and member not. they certainly have enough right-handers on the bench. >> gary: izturis will lead it off. and he does try and bunt for the bates hit, and will foul that one away. izturis 0 for 3 off sherrill. johnson out of there, worked an inning, gave on run on a hit with a walk, and a couple of wild pitches. now george sherrill looking to get that vital first out here, so the potential tying run doesn't get up.
12:55 am
fog here moving in off the pacific, as you can see. it came in all of a sudden here, rolling in. sherrill with an 0-2 count. delivery to izturis. protected, and fouls it away. count will stay at 0-2. >> jim: yeah, 82 mayoffs in milwaukee, the angels and the brewers, and mike witt, talking about fogging it by 'em. well, let's see george do that tonight. that's what keith jackson said. >> gary: up rolls in, it comes hurry. 1-1 delivery. izturis fouls that one straight back. got his rbi double in the 4th
12:56 am
inning. he has one rbi. guerrero has an rbi. morales with a two rbi homer, counting for the four that are up there for this angels team. here is the 1-2 delivery. izturis will get the base hit. and the angels will get the potential tying run to the plate with nobody out in the bottom of the 9th inning. their 9th hit of the game. >> jim: well, when you're not over powering, you better make god pitches. look where that pitch is, right down the middle. and izturis who, the double the first time was left-handed, and turns around and hits it up the mid-. that's all you need right there. >> gary: number 8 hitter is the catcher, jeff mathis, again sherrill, is two for two. >> gary: >> yeah, and napoli has come on to hit for aybar on deck. >> gary: sherrill.
12:57 am
delivery to him, strike taken. as orioles fans know, sherrill has a habit of doing this, makes things interesting when he picks up saves. comes on and generally there's at least one runner who reaches. >> jim: oh, yeah. well, i saw him today and i said i guess you got your nicknam against, mr. excitement, after the game the other day. because even the save on tuesday night when the orioles came back from that 10-1 deficit, was pretty exciting. tying run on second base when he struck out jason bay. he just has to make good pitches, and when he was on that roll 13 out of 13, he government his curveball over, velocity went up a little bit, from about 89 to 92, but he stayed out of the middle of the plate. where was the first pitch to izturis? right down the middle. and he was ahead in the count. wasn't like hm had to come in, just didn't make a good pitch. >> gary: runner off first base izturis. swung on and missed. foul tipped says the umpire into the mitt, held on to, and
12:58 am
will is the strikeout. one away in the bottom of the 9th. >> jim: and this is what we're talking about. look at the target for wieters, and they ride it right up. i think you can see tying up jeff mathis. little department story here with napoli. >> gary: napoli will be the pinch hitter for aybar, who had an 0 for 3 in the ball game. runner at first and one down now. mike napoli played in the ball game last night, has only had one shot as a pinch hitter. he is 0 for 1. napoli has the offensive numbers for their catching combo at .292 with the 10 homers, and is 10 rbied. >> jim: over the past 13 games, 16 for 40. he can hit the ball a long way and out over the plate. you can see the game plan. now they're going to come in. >> gary: he is 1 for 2 off
12:59 am
sherrill who gets the foul ball back. and he's had a two-strike count. >> jim: gary, he did not gift that ball in. that was your home run swing. that ball pretty much middle in, and this guy can hit them a long, long way if you don't make your pitches snoop time- out taken at the plate. napoli wanted it. for george sherrill, left- handers .118 off him, right- handers, .244. he has given up three home runs. they've all been hit by right- handers. down to third, play by mora, second one, roberts to first, and this one is in the books for the o's! as they come away with a 6-4 win and george sherrill will get the save. so it will be for david hernandez


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